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Friday, July 20, 2007

Today makes two weeks. The NICU seems like it was a million years ago and Miller seems to be doing so much better now that he's home. He has really changed in the last two weeks. He's not so fragile. He's off of his oxygen (yay!). And he is eating so much. Tonight he woke up an hour and fifteen minutes early and basically worked himself into hysterics. I was taking his temperature, feeding him Mylicon, shhhhing and bouncing, singing, I changed his diaper. Everything I could think of. I finally decided to try feeding him early and that did the trick. Funny thing is, he is eating about 50-60% more than he was just two weeks ago. I was moments away from that late night call to the pedi.

Misa + Moli come home from camp today and I can't wait. I have missed them terribly. I can't wait to introduce them to the new sheriff in town. I want to rub their velvet bellies and tell them they're still my girls. They have been at the Austin Pet Ranch for two and a half weeks. I LOVE the APR!! They have daycare and boarding and they are fabulous. Whenever I call to check on the pups they can spout off a dozen different tidbits, which tells me that they are actually taking care of them. It's the best place we have ever boarded them.

So everyone keeps asking how we're doing. If we're tired? Are we getting any rest? Are we happy he's home? Is it what we expected? So here are your answers. We are ecstatic. We wake up every morning to our little miracle baby. Do we dare complain? Yes we're tired, totally exhausted to be more precise. Not getting much rest at all, but who cares? Nothing lasts forever and this too, shall pass. Probably too quickly. Life is short. And these late night moments with him asleep on my chest will be gone too quickly. Someday soon he won't even want me to hold him. He'll writhe and wriggle until I put him down. He'll stop calling me 'momma'. He'll want to do 'it' himself. He'll need his independence. My heart is already breaking. So a little sleep deprivation and puffy eyes never killed anyone. A shower would be nice though.


Campbell's Mom said...

Before you know it, you'll be going in his room at night wishing he would wake up so you could snuggle with him! It does go by too quickly, so cherish those moments when it is just you and Miller in the middle of the night.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every hour of sleep you are missing!! It will pass way to quickly and you will long for the "neediness" of a precious newborn!! I can't say congratulations enough, motherhood is a wonderful journey! welcome :)

Best wishes,
Traci :)

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Happy 3 Month Birthday Miller :o) We are thrilled for you that he is doing so well, yes cherish this newborn time! He already looks just like Danny - he is sure to be at the ball field in no time :o)
Love, Didi & Tony xoxoxo

kristen said...

I love the update and the new pictures have rendered me speechless!!! :-) That third one is so cute - he is a little male model! :-) I love the sassy eyes! :-) I cannot believe he is smiling so much too..what a joy to see. Yall are truly amazing and wonderful parents and my Miller Man is just precious. I cannot wait to see him again...I have told Elle tons about her new friend and she can't wait to meet him! SHe knows she has to wait a little bit though...she is cool with that - she remembers how it was for her. :-) Talk to you soon!

Kristen, Josh, Elle, Chief and Lima

Bizibit said...

look at those chubby cheeks! it's great to hear that Miller is doing so well...get rest when you can..enjoy every waking minute of him!

Anonymous said...


We are so happy to know that Miller is doing fantastic. Thank you for the card and the address to the site. We will be sure to follow your updates and continue wish all of you the best.

Troy Pinkston