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Friday, August 24, 2007

Ouick Pedi Update

We saw Dr. Mirrop today and he said Miller looks great. For starters, he weighs 10 pounds, 5oz! This is not a surprise to us, since we're the ones trying to keep up with his crazy appetite, but the ECI folks & Dr. Mirrop don't see him everyday. We've been taken off of the fortifier all together, which is good because we don't give it to him all of the time anyway. I think it makes his belly funky and he eats best when it's straight breast milk. Momma knows. The hospital said he needed it for added calcium & phosphorus, but the doc says ixnay on the oritifierfay (I can't quite remember how pig latin goes but you know what I mean). His head has grown again but in direct proportion with his weight gain, etc. Fontanelle still getting smaller, nice and soft. His height is [allegedly] 20.5 inches, but the nurse was not really stretching him out so I am rounding it up a little in my head. We had to suck it up and get FOUR shots today, but Miller was of course a total rockstar about it. He is a tough little cookie. We go back in about 3 weeks for another checkup and of course, more shots. RSV season is closing in on us so Miller will be getting monthly shots to protect his baby self from all the drama RSV season brings (a cold for you and me, a room at the Seton Hotel for Miller). So now we can focus on football season, which happens to coordinate with RSV season. That's it for now, but check back for pics and posts soon. And thanks Kristen, Josh, Elle, Lima, & Chief for leaving comments almost every time we post. I love it! For all you sneaky readers, drop us a line sometime :)



Campbell's Mom said...

Miller is getting some serious chubb! Love the new pictures!

Anonymous said...

ok, so I'm a sneaky reader. Here's my line - Love you guys and so glad to see baby Miller is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Miller!!! He is packing on those pounds!! I am so happy everything is going in the right direction for ya'll! Beware of RSV season!! Madilynn caught it two days before her birthday and it was horrible!! Hope everything continues to go great!


Traci :)

Bizibit said...

I saw you at Rachel and Joel's wedding last night and wanted to introduce myself to let you know in person that you guys are in my prayers but was having to chase after Sydney most of the evening so I didn't get a chance. (she is the one who gave me the site address so I check it regularly) anywho....i'm glad to hear Miller is doing so well...he sure is adorable!

Anonymous said...

this thing is too fancy for me, how did you do all this.

Dana DeLorenzo said...

I loved reading your blog! We (Matt, Miracle Miller and I) got the idea from y'all. I wasn't sure if you were still blogging now that y'all are home but glad that you are! Your Miller give all of us so much inspiration and added strength to continue our battle! I look forward to watching our Millers play together by the end of the year!! Congrats to you, Danny and handsome Miller Lee!

Dana, Matt and Miracle Miller

Anonymous said...

Another sneaky reader here! I love seeing the updates and have no doubt that all the thoughts and prayers will keep Miller on the path he is on. I will call and catch up soon!

Love to all!


Teri said...

I love to read this blog, but love seeing Mr. Miller in person more :)
Keep gaining!
Teri, JD and Sarah Faye