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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today is Wednesday, a week and a half since we last posted. If nothing new is happening, then nothing new is happening! So I waited. And honestly, we are just exhausted right now. Happy and tired. If either one of us closes our eyes for too long (say, 20 seconds or so) we are knocked out. This too shall pass (too quickly I am sure), and we will not wish away one miraculous moment of it.

So here's what's been up with us:

Yesterday we saw Dr. Mirrop, another checkup. He says Miller looks great and is moving from the 25th percentile to the cusp of 50th/75th on weight. Which by the way, is a whopping 8lbs, 12 oz! I call him my hungry little bunny, which I am quite sure that Danny doesn't appreciate. I'm wondering if Danny is slipping some creatine in his expressed breast milk?? His head is growing too, but so far at a normal pace when coupled with his weight gain. His fontanelle (soft spot) is getting smaller too. Also a positive sign. We will continue to monitor these things very very closely, as the threat of Hydrocephalus is not as far off as we would like.

On Tuesday we went to the eye doctor. For the third time since Miller has been home, he had his little baby eyeballs dilated and then examined (poked). He was such a little champ! What a good -natured little dude. And the doc says his eyes are mature and the threat of ROP should be water under the bridge at this point. They don't want to see us for six months which is always a good sign.

Miller's former primary nurse (Beth) came by to see us on Tuesday as well. It was so nice to see her, although Miller was sacked out the entire time. Of course he was wide wake the moment she left. That just means she'll have to come back soon.

This weekend we are going on our first trip with Miller- to see his Great Grammaw, Miss Lula. We have been keeping him under lock & key, but we have decided to make a trip down to Kerrville. It will be so nice to see her, and it will still be a safe environment for the little one.

Lately we have noticed what worry warts we have become. Not so much about Miller (although we do still worry about him), but about each other...this entire experience has brought more weight to the simplest of things. Nothing is taken for granted, a gift that is fleeting I am sure.

We'll post updates more often, about once a week. No news is good news as they say! Tonight we'd like to request that you please say a prayer for baby Miller DeLorenzo. His Momma, Dana, is having surgery in an effort to keep him in the belly as long as possible.

Love to you all,

Danny, Stephanie, & Miller Lee

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Chad said...

Finally! Great update, glad the little tike is doing well.