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Friday, September 14, 2007

Another sigh of relief

Sorry if this is all mushed together. For the life of me, I cannot figure out the formatting in Blogger!

The past couple of weeks have been an adjustment period. Miller's sleeping and eating patterns are [inevitably] changing. He's actually eating a bit less and sleeping a bit more...but he's on his own personal schedule so we're being flexible. Last weekend he had a little tummy issue which threw us for a loop. Now of course it seems so obvious. Thankfully we have the Internet to simultaneously drive us crazy and keep us sane.

We went to the pedi on Tuesday for a sanity check and to get a weight. 11 lbs, 5oz. Perfect. He's still gaining steadily, but not so rapidly that he's going to look like the Michelin Man by his 1st birthday. He will soon be leaving the preemie growth chart for good too. Dr. Mirrop recommended a head ultrasound to check on things so we had that yesterday.

The u/s went fine and we ended up meeting a doc there that had read some of Miller's ultrasounds while he was in the hospital. I'm not sure what to think of that. If you remember, in the hospital there were conflicting opinions on those ultrasounds and ultimately we ended up only communicating with Dr. George [neurosurgeon]. We haven't spoken with Dr. George's camp on this one yet, but Dr. Mirrop called last night to tell us that the u/s looks good. There is no evidence of any new trauma, and in fact it looks like things are really healing up well in there. He did mention that there is some evidence of loss of white matter [nothing new], but no way to tell how or even if that will have any adverse affect on Miller's development, etc. We can't predict the future, but if we're judging by the past and present, I'd say Miller is in an excellent place. Once upon a time, not long ago, in a land not far away, a pretty bleak prognosis was bestowed upon us. Since that time, we have experienced miracle after miracle with Miller and we intend to keep it that way.

So here's a mini update on what Miller's been up to. He has a couple of new tricks up his sleeve. One of them being grasping. He's started in on the hair. My hair, actually. He likes the underhairs, just behind your ears, and prefers the death grip. Surely I am not going to end up with bald spots? Right? He always has a handful of shirt or dad's chest hairs and holds on for dear life. Those teeny little fingernails are SHARP and they grow so darn quickly. He'll grab fingers and do pull ups and sit ups, especially if he's hungry. And his favorite new game is 'walk me around the house until you're dizzy so I can look at everything'...he LOVES this game. He's kicking a lot too, which makes him catapult quite suddenly into various directions and occasionally results in a headbutt. I am shocked that I have not yet suffered a fat lip. He's starting to make lots of faces too and is more expressive...


Teri said...

He is such a cute pumpkin and I am so glad he is going beyond good!
Love, The Smarts

Anonymous said...

He is such a pumpkin head :o) We are so glad to keep hearing the good news :o)
Love, Didi & Tony

Anonymous said...

Stephanie and Danny - he just looks fantastic!! Um... can you say "little Danny"? He really does look like him. Bonnie here from BallPeeps - he is so filled out and just looks great since we saw him in Austin. Sounds like life is somewhat normalizing.. Stephanie, do not kill yourself breastfeeding - it's tough, but no one tells you. You'll do what's best for you and Miller, but no need to lose anymore sleep over it. By the look of those cheeks, boy is doing quite well! I love this blog! Always praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Wow...look at little Danny Peoples! Steph, I have know you for decades and I think this little man has his father's good looks.

Don't fret about the breastfeeding/bottle feeding thing. Coming from the preemie pressure camp as well, I understand the pressure. Just give hime the nutrition that works for the entire family. Ella switched from pumped breastmilk to to formula after 3 months and she is perfect...not too small as her preemie days and definitely not on the diabetes obese path.

You guys are going above and beyond for Miller's care and formula is not a dark path to destruction!!

Keep the pictures he has changed since I saw him in the NICU.

Lots of Love!