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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A round of runny noses and 5 teeth please

Miller + Misa are BFF's and I keep catching them trying to make out

At the Greenleaf's...

I think he just looks so sweet in his glasses when I can keep them on him!

After March for Babies...

Last Sunday night I returned from my first out of town trip (besides Kerrville which does not count) in over a year. My first stop was Miller's room where I found him sawing logs. 'Allergies', I said to myself while sneaking in an extra midnight bottle in preparation for Monday's MRI. Monday morning came too quickly, especially since we were up at the crack and not allowed to feed the hungry little monster also known as Miller.

At the hospital, tears flowed and so did one tiny little nose. Like a faucet. It's because he's crying so much, I'm sure. He never cries like this. Two days later Danny and I stopped denying that our allergies were acting up and admitted that we, as a family,had a collective cold. We also discovered on Monday that we were a little off a few weeks ago when we said Miller was getting a new tooth. It's actually 5 new teeth. All at a different pace. Poor baby! It's so funny to look in that little mouth and see a bunch of jagged little chicklets. And he has been 'testing' sounds like he's chewing on rocks and it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

This weekend was just what we needed. Lots of family time. We had circus animal-shaped waffles two mornings in a row. Danny fished. We spent an afternoon with friends. We went swimming three times and even went to the Austin Wine Festival at The Domain...which should really be in October or November. Wine is not quite as good when it's hot and sticky. It was all time well spent and I am sad it's over. Everyone loves Miller's strolller though. People come up to us all of the time.
Wine Festival...

We always open our mouths when we laugh now...I guess it's a reflex from trying to get Miller to smile for the camera.

I almost forgot to mention the March for Babies!! It was over Mother's Day weekend and we had a great time. I was kind of a crazy person, but that's just because I wanted to walk with everyone which is totally impossible. It was a huge success, even though it was 4 miles! Next year I think it's going to be a little bit shorter...and we're probably going to tailgate like we're at a football game anyway.

Here's a photo of the last people standing after the March for Babies sweatfest...those not pictured are off stuffing their faces at the sausage wrap booth or are in a nice, cool air conditioned car heading home.


Teri said...

Thanks for the update and I love the pictures! The March was great and I am so proud of us all for making it the whole way without cheating (Danny :).
The Smarts

Campbell & Emily's Mom said...

MLP is so stinkin' cute! I think it is time for Miller and Emily to have a date. They can show each other their new teeth.