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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Better late than never

It's been so very long since I've been brave enough to post.  This is due, in part, to the fact that life with a toddler with special needs is an incredibly busy job.  Mostly though, it's because I haven't had the courage to sit down and just write.  I have been afraid to get too close to my real emotions and risk the downward spiral.  I hate myself for saying that, and I hate myself even more for letting it keep me from recording all of the happy & amazing that life has brought to us. 5 lines in and I'm already tearing up.  I am hoping that after I rip the bandage off this wound I will be inspired to post often.  I have cheated myself and I think I have cheated Miller by not keeping up with this blog.  And it's a shame since I always have a running blog post in my head.  Everyday.  Things I want to share with Miller about today.  Funny moments.  Lightbulb moments. How amazing he is, and how hilarious. And just how much he is loved.

::SIGH::   I forgive myself.  Moving forward...

Next week we are going to see a pediatric podiatrist in Long Island. On?? Anyway.  Dr. Jordan.  We were referred to him by another family whose little guy goes to therapy with Miller.  He has a different diagnosis, but we're hoping that doesn't really matter.  This doctor does not have a web presence, and seems a bit dry (as opposed to bubbly), but I am prepared for that I think.  We are going to see him partly because he is outside of the Dell Children's network of doctors.  That statement has it's own story, and will hopefully show up in it's own post when I am ready to write about it.  He also is supposed to have a completely different approach.  Call it a second opinion.  We're going to stay in the City, and Miller's Grammaw is coming along.  It should be an adventure!

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