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Sunday, April 29, 2007

We had another Kangaroo Care visit today and Miller just loved it. He seemed to be right at home on momma's chest and his breathing was very rhythmic and consistent. At one point he decided he wanted to change positions so he attempted to push himself up and turn his head to the other side. He almost did it too!

His features will probably change, but his hair looks to be a little lighter than his daddy's. He opened his eyes wide a few times for us and they're currently a beautiful Carribean blue.

The nurses are keeping the phototherapy light on until his bilirubin numbers fall into the appropriate range. His color is great and they expect to turn the light off tomorrow. When that happens, they'll cover his crib with a blanket and he'll hopefully get plenty of rest.

Mom and Dad are hanging in there, too. We find it difficult to concentrate on anything for any extended period of time. Mom has her shows and we usually catch a late episode of Law and Order before hitting the sac. But, normalcy is a thing of the past. We find ourselves doing mindless tasks and keeping a ballgame or home improvement show on the TV for the simple noise of it. We're not sure what it is, but there's no way we could relax enough to watch a movie. There's some kind of guilt or something associated with escaping. Even if it's just for Law and Order.

Dad gets his first Kangaroo Care visit tomorrow and he's really excited about it. He's been perusing the music store websites, looking for a Baby Taylor. Miller's got his Dad's big hands and his Mom's long, elegant fingers. Perfect for the guitar.

As always, thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. The power of prayer and positivity is immeasurable.

Danny and Stephanie

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Ashley said...

I am so happy to see your updates! What a great way to keep family and friends connected during such a hectic time. The NICU is a place of miracles and I know that Miller is no exception. From my experience, each day contains baby steps in both directions, and Miller is loved and in the prayers of so many that he will be home, healthy, and running you all around before you know it...maybe he'll even have to wear a sooners shirt just to remind him of family that's just a little North and who can't wait to meet him.