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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yaaay Dad! Miller had a great day and tonight he got to spend about an hour and fifteen minutes on his daddy's chest. His breathing was really strong and seemed very comfortable curled up in his dad's big hands. It was a very encouraging experience, particularly when compared to the circus that was last night's Kangaroo. It's amazing how much difference a really good nurse can make. Fortunately, at the Seton NICU, you can pretty much build your own team of nurses. We knew early on that we wanted Beth as our primary, or lead nurse. She's very experienced and patient. Her positivity is catching, as well. Tonight, we met Davika. She's a little younger and has a more progressive approach to Kangaroo Care. We knew it was a match right away. We asked her to be on Team Miller and she accepted.

Miller is officially off phototherapy.( For now, anyway ). His bilirubin numbers are in the appropriate range and his color looks great. The nurses plan to resume his feedings tomorrow and we'll know a little more about how well his tummy is tolerating things tomorrow evening.

Mom and dad are still watching the home improvement channel. We don't think real TV will happen anytime this week and dinner with friends (one of our favorite pastimes) is probably a little ways off. Every night we talk about our plan for the next day and, as you might imagine, it's all geared around when we think Miller will be up for a Kangaroo. But, dad did pick up the guitar tonight, so at least there were some familiar sounds around the house ( some of them were even in tune!).

So, Miller had a good day. And mom and dad are hanging in there. Days like this are gifts for us. We know there will be some difficult spots ahead, but we'll deal with them as they come. Your thoughts and prayers keep us going. Thank you.

Danny and Stephanie


Aunt Carolyn said...

Way to go Miller --Apgar awesome
GGrandma and I are praying for all of you. Love the idea of the kangaroo care. Hang in there and Stephanie get some rest.
I set up GG computer so she can check on Miller--hope she will

miller said...

Love it, Love it!! Miller seems very happy on Dad's chest. Glad to hear his numbers are up and he seems to be doing well... one day at a time, obviously. Hang in there! Lots of people praying for all of you

Amy Noie said...


I just found our from Didi about what has been going on with you and your family and I just want to express how sorry I am that you all are going through this...I am so happy to hear about all the progress that Miller is making and I will continue to pray for you all.

You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Miller! So happy to hear he is doing better, and I love the idea of Kangaroo Care. Hang in there Danny and Stephanie...know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Oh, and I love the is much better than me trying to ask Nick for updates!
--Laura-- :)

Anonymous said...

Danny & Stephanie,
We are so pleased to hear of Miller's progress. Craig and I will continue to keep both you and little Miller in our everyday thoughts and prayers.
We love you!
-Sheri & Craig

Campbell's Mom said...

Daddy Danny looks so incredibly happy with little Miller on his chest!

Kristin said...

Hey Danny & Stephanie,
I'm so happy to have found your blog! Billy and I have been thinking and praying for you. He is a precious little boy, keep the faith!
Love to you!

kristen said...

I love this blog!It is so wonderful to see all the love you guys have for each other and for that precious baby. You three make a beautiful family and I am happy to be your friend...we are praying all the time for Mr. Miller Lee and are always right here if you need us. Love, Kristen, Josh and Elle

Bonnie said...

you don't know me...i'm a friend of a friend :-) what a beautiful little man you have there...know that you are in my prayers.