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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday was a big day for the little one. He had a cranial ultrasound, a hearing test, and another eye exam. None of these are a trip to the zoo, but the eye exam is the yucky one. We hear he 'passed' his hearing test, but we do not have any formal results on it or the other two tests. We are not terribly worried since we haven't heard from Dr. George (and he only contacts us if there are any changes), and since he has already had an eye exam that showed no major issues.

So far, it doesn't seem like Miller is missing his caffeine much, which is great. We were warned that he may tire out easily and not eat as vigorously. Not a problem for Miller. Like we said, he is a piglet. In fact, he weighs 4 lbs, 15.8oz! The nurses have been telling us that he is doing very well with his feeds, much better than they expect at his gestational age.

At home, we are just about ready for Miller's arrival, which could be as early as ten to fourteen days from now. We are still trying not to get our hopes up but that is almost impossible. Remember, his actual due date is July 26th, so that's the date they tell you he should come home. Dad put his crib together today and refrained from using any four-letter words. We hear this is a feat in itself. He did use the word 'jank' a couple of times, but I don't think that counts.
On Friday Momma picked up his stroller, which his Nonnie & Papa bought for him. Yay! It's pretty snazzy and new to the States, so he will be the envy of all the other babes.
His Grammaw and his Aunties bought his original stroller for him but his Momma is indecisive...long story short, the original stroller became a carseat instead!
That's all for now. We hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend!
Love to you all,
Danny & Stephanie


kristen said...

okay, Elle just told me that stroller is totally THE next big thing for babies born in 2007. So now the Bugaboo and the Pottinger's are sooooo 2006.:-):-) Seriously - super cute - Miller will be strollin in style! :-) I LOVE that he is such a great eater and doing so well. It is so amazing to see the prayers answered daily. What an amazing testimonial and we will keep prayin everyday. You can never get too many blessings! :-) I just cant wait to meet my new little friend - his smile is contagious! :-)

Love to you all! Kristen, Josh and Elle

Anonymous said...

Soo POSH! I love it! We can't wait for your buddle of joy to come home with you, we will continue to pray for his safe arrival on your doorstep - now it will certainly in in style :)
Love, Didi & Tony xoxo