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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The results of the PCG are in and the doctors have confirmed Miller's reflux. It's not an unexpected development and we are satisfied to know that his occasional bradycardia and desaturation can be attributed to this very treatable condition. As such, Miller started his reflux meds today and we hope to see some improvement sometime this week.

They've also put him back on his nasal canulla. Mom wasn't real thrilled about this move, but the doctors want to provide Miller with some consistent airflow while his reflux medication takes effect.

The good news is that Miller continues to scarf down his bottles and put on weight. As of today, he's 5 lbs 6 ozs. He's taking about 70 cc's of milk every three hours but if we're a little late with his bottle everything is fair game. So far, Miller has tried to eat his hands, his hat, his canulla, his blanket, Mom's arm, and Dad's nose.

As for our time in the NICU, we think we're in the home stretch. We have a "room in" appointment for Tuesday and we hope to keep it. This means Miller could possibly come home on Thursday. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Danny & Stephanie


kristen said...

I just love an update! I am so happy that Mr. Miller will be coming home this week! Miller is such a blessed little guy to have such great parents and I am so happy that you will have the joy of having him home. I love that he is getting bigger everyday and what a good sign that he is eating everything in sight. Watch out for paper products - if he is anything like his little friend Elle he will be a regular goat. :-) I find at least one reciept a day that Miss Elle has tried dutifully to consume. Now just beacause you get the little guy home does not mean the blog is done, right?? We still want updates and lots of pics. :-)
Happy Homecoming!
Kristen, Josh and Elle

Campbell's Mom said...

"Rooming in" is the best night of no sleep ever! Congratulations!

Ashley said...

Great News for Miller and you all. I am so excited you are on the home stretch. big deal! We all made it through in this household with Ella and I know you will do the same. "Rooimng In" think of the positive at least you will get one additional night sleep before he comes home, unlike us and this is the finish line. You are breaking out of the NICU and ready to bring that sweet baby boy home to Mommy and Daddy.