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Friday, June 8, 2007

Things seem to be changing at a faster pace for Miller these days. Weighing in at 4.01 lbs, he's already growing out of some of the preemie clothes we just bought for him (and had him wearing) the other day. The incredible baby hulk. He has basically doubled in size in 7 1/2 weeks!
Yesterday Miller spent the afternoon on his cannula between 21 & 24 percent. 21 percent is actually room air, but the air pressure keeps his airway open & is a gentle reminder to breathe. His primary nurse, Beth, recommended that he stay off of his CPAP for good and stick to cannula 24/7. He is currently doing this on a trial basis. So far, he's doing well.

Because of his recent progress along with his age and weight (33 weeks gestation today), the inevitable happened. Last night, he moved to a big boy crib. We really didn't want this just yet-we just prefer that he have some peace & quiet a tad bit longer. Beth did do everything she could to make him comfy and make us comfortable with the idea. Mom doesn't like the look of it though, it's sort of retro-orphanage-y. Mostly she doesn't like the fact that there's no way to completely darken or quiet his little island anymore.
Each time we go to kangaroo now, we start with a bit of 'nuzzling'. This is what the nurses call it. We call it 'sticking him on'. He DEFINITELY knows what to do and is a great little chomper, but he tends to fall asleep pretty quickly. He breathes really deeply during these times and becomes very relaxed. He looks as if he's getting a great massage! We are not relying on this for any nourishment, just getting him used to it. We try our best to nuzzle at the same time he begins a gavage (feeding tube) feeding, so he will associate it with a happy, full belly.
We'll post some new pics in the next day or so! Hope everyone has a safe & happy weekend.
Danny & Stephanie


Chad said...

4 pounds, wow, that's great! He's growing like a weed.

kristen said...

Go Miller!!! I am so happy that he is FOUR POUNDS and is doing so well with his breathing! :-) I love the updates...keep them coming! I dont know what I am going to do with myself when yall decide to stop chronicling his life. :-)

Anonymous said...

Conrats Miller, another milestone - 4 lbs and counting! We love it too :) Keep on keeping on Miller Bear :0)

Love, Did & Tony

Campbell's Mom said...

Miller is going to be doing to Round Rock strut before you know it!