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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

According to the nurses, 32 weeks is around the time when we should see Miller start to progress at a more rapid pace. We think he's off to a good start. Miller's up to 3 lbs 14 ounces as of this morning and he's spending 8 hours at a time on his nasal cannula. His feedings have increased to 37 cc's every three hours and he gets after his pacifier like crazy.

Mom has been trying to introduce Miller to the boob. He's been very responsive and we think that's a good sign. He won't be able to actually nourish himself that way for a while, but we want him to get a feel for it.

We've had a little bit of an issue with the NICU regarding Miller's isolette/crib situation. There's a faction of the NICU that believes a move to an open crib is reasonable for Miller at this time. He can probably regulate his own temperature now and their normal protocol calls for the move at 1800 grams. Miller is at 1770. We believe it's still too early. If he were still in the womb where he belongs, he would have the peace and quiet he needs to grow. We also believe that part of the incentive to move him is driven by a shortage of clean isolettes in the NICU. As such, we have formally requested that Miller stay in his current isolette for now and that any pending move be discussed with us (dad wrote a letter).

All told, we are very happy with the progress Miller has made in the last several days. We'll continue to keep you updated. As always, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


Danny & Stephanie


Anonymous said...

Good for you, advocacy is a great asset as parents! You both are definately showing your love and dedication through your on-going ability to make great decisions during this very difficult time - Miller appreciates all that you do! Stay strong and trust your instincts!
Love you, Didi xoxo

Campbell's Mom said...

Yeah for the boob! And they are very impressive boobs too!

kristen said...

Yea!!! An update!!! Seriously guys...4 days!!! That was a long dry spell and I needed my Miller fix. :-) No really, I know that no news is good news and I am so happy, thrilled and elated that Miller is gaining and growing. I am right there with you on the isolette - if you need me to go up there and camp out by his isolette in protest until they tell you he can stay there - I will. :-) I have never done anything like that but I feel like I would be good at staging a protest. :-)

I really am so thrilled about his recent growth spurt and development and we will keep those prayers coming!!!

Love to all - Kristen, Josh and Elle

Teri said...

Keep the video's coming, they are great!

Chad said...

Great News!