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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today, Dad bought stock in Energizer and Duracell. Like most parents, we have enough stored energy to stockpile a bomb shelter. And like most parents, we are officially crazy people. Let's review the evidence:

1. Sleep deprivation is taking its toll. Dad looks like he's been camping and if Mom got pulled over she'd surely be over the legal Red Bull limit.

2. We watch the Miller Channel all day long. Technology has given us the iPhone, but it's also given us the ability to watch our kids all day via remote camera which will inevitably lead to some form of OCD.
See people's exhibit 1.

3. We've already called the pediatrician's after hours pager in a state of mild panic. Miller's left foot looked a little swollen and we weren't taking any chances. The doctor thinks the swelling is the result of our bundling him too tightly and possibly scrunching his legs up beneath him when we hold him. The swelling seems to have dissipated, but we'll surely revisit it tomorrow at the Pedi's office anyway.

4. Our house is all of a sudden too small. We've been searching the Internet for a nice, 4 bedroom model so we can have the required 3 rooms for Miller and his stuff.

5. Dad has perfected the art of the dump, rinse, soap, rinse,rinse, rinse, steam, dry. We don't have a dishwasher right now, a monumental goof.

What an adventure. And we're just getting started. Thanks for all of your continued love and support.

More meaningful Miller Lee updates to come...


Danny, Stephanie, & Miller Lee


Campbell's Mom said...

Welcome home Miller! Y'all are funny! It gets better; I promise!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! He's all safe and sound :) Congrats Again! Didi xoxo

Anonymous said...

came upon your post by accident, your son is beautiful. enjoy him.

Anonymous said...

I love it - was that a fat little cheek on Millercam? He's growing into a big boy! Calm down - God has brought you this far and Miller's fine - he'll continue to do well. Can't wait to meet him - Bonnie