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Saturday, July 7, 2007

We're at the finish line. Literally. Just in time too. Yesterday we spent the night at the hospital, our trial run. Aside from the room we stayed in (yucky), things were perfect! It was so nice to just hold him for as long as we wanted, in our jammies, with no nurses/doctors/other parents/ringing phones, etc. Miller is on a pretty solid schedule, however it leaves little room for rest. We know this already--we're just about back to square one, similar to coming home with a newborn.

For the time being, Miller will be on a tiny bit of oxygen at home. Fine. He just barely needs it, if at all, and will likely be off of it in a few weeks. The theory is that it helps him to recover quicker from reflux-related desats, and also prevents him from dipping too low if/when he has reflux-related heart rate drops. It is a tiny boost while we wait for his reflux medicine to really kick in. The folks in the NICU decided to send us home with an apnea monitor too, which is a bit of a catch-22. It will definitely give us a little peace of mind, but since we have trained ourselves not to pay attention to the monitors (and to look at Miller instead), it may become a crutch.

We are completely ready for him to come home. Today we have been napping and doing laundry, last minute prep for Miller's arrival. We will miss the NICU in some ways (really), but we can't wait to leave the stress of it behind. We have definitely formed bonds with some of the nurses (naturally) and have threatened stalking if they don't keep in touch! For 10 weeks and 5 days we have spent countless hours in the NICU, learning, laughing, crying. Celebrating milestones, fearing the unknown, praying for Miller's health. We have spent this time, vulnerable and helpless, slowly transforming into educated and empowered, with these folks. Because of these folks. We are so grateful for everything they (NICU staff) have done for Miller and for us, and could never really articulate it. There are definitely angels among us.

Wish us luck tomorrow! And, thank you all for each and every prayer.

Much love,

Danny, Stephanie & Miller Lee


Teri said...

OK, now I am crying! What a beautiful post and I am so happy for you guys. Good luck tomorrow and PLEASE call if we can help in any way.
Teri, JD, Sarah Faye and Willie Dog

kristen said...

Good luck!!!!! That was the sweetest entry and I will be so happy all day tomorrow thinking of yall bringing that precious baby home. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call us...(ok not too much pressure - it will be a fmily centered day I know)...but call us when you can and want to - we want to help and we are so happy that Mr. Miller will be home!

Love, Kristen, Josh, Elle, Chief and Lima Bean

kristen said...

btw - i am over halfway finished with the book. I think I will have my homework done before Teri. hee hee.

Bizibit said...

YAY miller gets to go home tomorrow! I'm so happy for your family. You guys will continue to be in my prayers...just remember DEEP BREATHS!

Anonymous said...

Yaaaa!!! Miller is coming home...I am so happy for you guys!! Steph, you guys have been in my constant prayers and thoughts, and I am so happy that everything has worked out...I know it's been terribly emotional on you and your husband. That little Miller is quite a fighter!

I will continue to check in and keep you in my thoughts and prayers going forward.

All the best!

Amy Noie

Anonymous said...

I am so crying! We are thrilled for this new adventure and for such a happy homecoming! We will continue to pray for you 3 and we love you all :) Enjoy this time, you certainly deserve it!
Love, Didi & Tony xoxo

Anonymous said...

I knew this day was coming - I am SO HAPPY for all of you Danny and Stephanie... we have prayed for this day and you've all had such amazing faith. Welcome home!! Love, Bonnie Best