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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

24 week Update

All sorts of new things are happening with Miller lately. First off, he's 12 lbs, 13oz, AND officially off the preemie chart! Today he landed on the big boy chart and is in about the 50th percentile on everything with regards to his corrected age/gestational age (the age he should be). Over the next 18 months or so we think he will catch up to his birth age which right now is 24 weeks.

Today after his exam Dr. Mirrop said he looks great! His head growth and length are exactly where he would expect them to be and his weight is still a little on the chunky side-but who cares? I love his fat tummy and I'm just glad it's not the other way around. We're on the cusp of another new phase-teething. We can see and feel his teeth coming in and it's only a matter of time before they start trying to push through. We also talked about ECI and their lack of interest in Miller. Dr. Mirrop put some things in perspective and I feel better after our conversation. In the end, we're being ignored because Miller's doing so well--and there are lots of little ones out there with not-so-good parents who need the support and intervention of ECI. He also referred us to a private place to take Miller, so we'll let you know how that goes.

Yesterday we had to visit the pulmonologist to get our first Synagis shot. It's not a vaccine. It's an injection of antibodies to help little ones like Miller avoid RSV during the season lasting from October until through March. He'll have to get this shot once a month until then. Things did not go well and I am not looking forward to next month's shot. That needle was way too big and I'm not sure Miller has forgiven me yet, or if I have forgiven myself. He turned purple, stopped breathing, threw up, eventually cried--all of which led to me crying too. It's essential though, so we will just have to tough it out together.

Developmentally, it seems like he's changing everyday. In fact, today he giggled for the first time! At first he did it in his sleep and startled himself. It was so stinkin cute and I just wish I had it on tape. A few hours later while I was making silly faces at him he did it again! Priceless. So of course I made those silly faces (and noises) over and over again in hopes of another giggle. After about 6 more giggles I got a distinctive poopy face so I gave up for the time being. He smiles all of the time now, and has started smiling at himself in the mirror and at crazy crosseyed strangers too. In an effort to get him to open his hands more we have been 'helping' him hold his bottle. Now he's beginning to reach for it himself.

Our next task is to find him a couple of preschools so we can get on their perpetual waiting lists. Why is it that he's a just a few months old and we're 'late'? He's not even going to go until he's 3 or 4! On all of the sites I've been to they list that you can apply while your baby is 'in utero'. Am I the only one who thinks that's totally weird?


Anonymous said...

Giggles are the best, I'm glad I got to actually hear one via the phone today - it's such a sweet sound!! We are so glad to hear how well he is progressing, we continue to pray for you! I was not aware of such in utero waiting lists - I must now spend the rest of the day researching this.....
Love Ya, Didi & Tony xoxoxo

Bizibit said...

I think you should look into Faith Lutheran's totally awesome... it's where I work :-)

Teri said...

You are not crazy...the waiting lists are amazing. Maybe we should start a preschool (nevermind, that sounds awful).
See you soon!
The Smarts

katrina said...

glad to hear that he is doing so well. can't wait to see you all.

Anonymous said...

i second the Faith Lutheran CDC - sydney has been going there since she was a wee lil one....they are amazing! and crazy enough, i had sydney on at least 3 waiting lists before she was even born!
i am glad things are going so well w/mr miller. i hope to see yall in person soon! can you believe the holidays are almost here?