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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Miller's first trip to the pumpkin patch was this past Saturday. He was a total ham as always! Look for more photos in the slide show at the top of the blog.

Tomorrow we go back to see the doc for our official 6 month well check. I can't believe how quickly time passes, or how soon we forget. Just the other day I was looking back at some photos from when MP came home in July and it was so strange to see him so tiny, perpetually sleepy, hooked up to an apnea monitor and oxygen. Now he's all wonder and smiles. So expressive and always staring at our mouths. He's quite the communicator and I swear he's trying to repeat what we're saying. Especially if we're saying 'ooouuuuuaaahhh!'.

Last week we started our PT with Little Tesoros Therapy. They're so great! Anne is our PT and she's great with Miller. She's sweet and patient, and is giving me some great homework to help bring him up to speed. She says there are a few things that we need to work on but she's really impressed with his social skills ! Well that's probably hereditary. I spoke way too soon about the teething in the last post. He pretty much started the next day. The doc says it may come and go a couple of times before any teeth poke through. Poor little guy gets a bit cranky and bitey though so he's getting an occasional dropper full of Tylenol.

The pumpkin patch was a big outing for both Miller + momma. Normally Miller doesn't make it past the front yard or on a good day, the end of the street. The enclosed and crowded spaces are still a no-no for a bit longer. We have been so very lucky with his health these past 6 months and there's no reason to start taking chances now. We're following doctor's orders for those that think we may be a tad bit overprotective. That takes some sacrifice of course but it's short term in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully nobody thinks we left the country.

In other news-

Aunty Paula + Uncle Andy are having...a girl! In this family that's almost a miracle in itself with all this testosterone. Hooray for the girls team! I started boot camp yesterday so we'll see how that goes.

So far, all 2000 parts hurt. And I am limping. In December we are moving. Probably. We are known for changing our plans, but this time I think it's going to stick. And since DP wants to put a TV in every room (seriously), look for us to be hosting a Superbowl party this year. You may have to sit on lawn chairs but you'll be able to watch the game in the bathroom. A fair trade, Danny would say.

For those of you who remember us mentioning the other baby Miller, "Miracle Miller" DeLorenzo, he is still in his momma's cozy womb in week 31 and counting! Please continue to keep him in your prayers as well. One day we'll be posting photos of them playing together :). You can check on his progress by clicking HERE.

We miss and love you all, and know that we wouldn't be where we are without all of your prayers, so thank you.

Lots of love, (and now giggles) Stephanie, Danny & Miller Lee Peeps


Campbell & Emily's Mom said...

Miller is such a handsome little man! Emily can't wait to meet him when his momma and daddy let him out of lock up.

Teri said...

What a little miracle he is! I can't believe how big he is...and it is great to hear he'll have a little girl cousin!