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Sunday, December 16, 2007

No news is good news

We're moving tomorrow. This chapter's over and we're leaving our Central life behind to become West Austinites. We're very excited to begin a new adventure, now with Miller Lee in tow. Here's a photo of the house. See the bendy trees?

Well we went to see the doc last week for our sanity check and he said MP's doing great. In fact, he gained two pounds in two weeks. How this happened I haven't a clue, since at the previous visit he'd lost a pound over a period of a month or so. Miller also had a CT scan on Thursday. It was a scheduled follow up and was originally meant to be an MRI. When I called to confirm our appt I found out it was going to be another CT scan. I can't say for sure but my inkling is this is a positive thing, since MRI's are bigger and scarier and you have to be perfectly still. We somehow accomplished the scan with the wiggly worm wide awake, no sedation, no sleepy meds. We have not yet spoken with Dr. George but did get a call from his office. They used a lot of big words I can't remember, but basically it sounds like there's nothing really new or worrisome. But we'll see. We have an appt on the 27th.

With the exception of Miller's new and not improved schedule, things are great on the homefront. He's happy happy joy joy most of the time. He still loses it when we put him in the carseat but he's getting a teensy bit better. Teensy. He's trying really hard to crawl, but his arms & upper body are not ready yet. Miller however, is ready. So he army crawls and scoots on his belly and whines. He loves to stand on our laps, and when we pick him up his kicks like crazy. Late at night I'll get him up once to feed him and he'll hold his bottle. He's starting to reach and grab, and he'll bat something out of the way if it's bugging him. I'd have to say on the awesome scale it's a 10. I promised myself I would try to allow myself forget at least some of what they said in the hospital, but I just cannot help but look at this kid and think 'total miracle'. It gives me the chills and I get all teary-eyed and introspective. But it's true. I don't want to take any of this for granted. Miller is a miracle in the flesh. Period. Who knows what kind of 'arm' he'll have or how fast he'll be able to run? And who cares? He's an amazing little man who's taught me more about life in the past 7 1/2 months than I've learned in 33 years. He's my little mountain mover.


Chad said...

good post, gorgeous house, can not wait to see Miller and your new house soon.

Anonymous said...

Great News! Glad to hear you are all well and busy as ever this holiday season...I don't think you could pack more into a calendar year. Miller has gotten so big, I can not wait to see him again. I just know Miller will continue to be your "miracle" and you can remind yourself that when he is 16 and driving you crazy, just like I remember you at 16!

Lots of Love!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Another great post! He is so big and I have to say is looking more and more like Daddy (and in some photos just like little Nonny). Miller miracle mountain mover it is!

Love & Miss you!
Didi & Tony xoxoxo