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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

7 month update

Holy Moly! An update! I didn't mean for this much time to pass. Life has a way of sneaking past you, especially when you're all wrapped up in your little tater tot.

Miller is a little champ these days. He's just the happiest little man [except when he in his carseat] and full of smiles, giggles, belly laughs, and funny faces. He is rolling over constantly [tummy to back]. When we have tummy time I sometimes move all the toys to make room for his 'rolling alley' and then tempt him with whichever toy is catching his eye at the moment. He LOVES the mirror and is constantly cooing at himself in it. He is quite the little ham sandwich when the camera comes out, and he figured out that this face will get him what he wants.

Healthwise, Miller is doing doing great. We've been very careful, and I cringe whenever he sneezes. Still no teeth, but the teething behavior is persisting. Lots of drooling and biting, and occasionally some nighttime crankiness. We went to see the doc last week for his 7 month checkup and he had lost a little bit of weight. The doc says not to worry since he was on the chubby side, and that he's pretty much on target now. We go back this Friday for a sanity check. I'll get to weigh him again and the doc will give him the once over.

About a week ago Miller started eating rice cereal. This is how he looks every morning-

We finally closed on our house last week so we'll be moving soon. I can't wait to hang that Little Tikes swing in the tree we picked out for him. It's actually the perfect tree-climbing tree. And there are crooked bendy enchanted trees all throughout the front yard, perfect for Halloween spider webs, scarecrows, and Christmas lights. It's all very Two Cats in the Yard, even though our cats are dogs.
I almost forgot! The other baby Miller, 'Miracle Miller', was born on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. He's a beautiful, happy, healthy baby boy, and he's home safe with his parents! Congrats Matt + Dana! Welcome to the wonderful world of sleep deprivation :).

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Anonymous said...

It's so good to keep hearing the positive updates! Wow - 7 months already, time does fly! Miller bear is still in our prayers :o) He sure is a chunker monker!!!
Love Ya - Didi & Tony xoxoxo