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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All The Better To See You With, My Dear

Ok so I have been a schlep when it comes to posting, but for awhile there just wasn't much news. With RSV looming, we just holed up for the winter and stayed cozy at home. Good news though, the RSV cases are dropping significantly so it looks like we'll have one more shot next month and be done with it. I do need to get some things in writing though, even if it's just for MLP to look back on when he's older.

I planned to post later this week b/c week have a Pedi appt on Thurs, but this just couldn't wait. So for the last few weeks I have noticed Miller crossing his eyes, or at least one eye seemed to be drifting inward when he would focus on something very close to him. It has been happening intermittently, so the doctor's office said not to worry and just wait until his checkup. We went to see the eye doctor today. After dilating his little eyeballs and waiting about a million years for the doc to come back, lo and behold, he is extremely farsighted and the eye-crossing (strabismus) is a direct result of this. And he needs glasses. Baby glasses. Not 'one day', TODAY.

At first I was a little shocked. I had never considered this. I was hoping that the doc didn't notice the frozen smile on my face, and if she did, well, she was gracious. I had a mental conversation with myself, drowning out the details of which I am sure she had to repeat moments later. Mental conversation consisted of mini-pep talk, reminding Self about how lucky we are that MLP is such a happy healthy little monkey and how great it is that we are where we are. Deep breath. Ok, great! Big eyes, big smile. Where do we go? Next door, they'll be ready in 3-5 days. I'm not going to lie. The thought of my little sweetheart wearing glasses made me giggle, and then tear up at the same time. I am just so used to his sweet little face and well, this is just something new. I decided that it's going to be funny, and cute, and silly, and endearing...and necessary, of course. So off we went to size him up and pick out his frames.

The Details:
MLP's going to be wearing glasses for a while. Until he's old enough for contacts (if he wants them). When he's 18-20 he can get Lasik, or whatever they're doing then. Omigosh, I'll be in my 50's then. The picture to the left shows a little lovey dove wearing her pink glasses. Stinkin' cute. This is the same kind Miller will have, except his are a little more rectangular in shape and grey in color. The strange thing is that this is NOT a complication of prematurity or IVH in his case. Something else, too. Dr. Rainey SWEARS that his farsightedness showing up this early is a sign of intelligence! She told me that most kids don't show signs until after age two, many until 5+ because they don't know that how they are seeing something isn't right. The Strabismus is actually an accomodation that Miller was making on his own because his brain was telling his eyes that what he was seeing needed focus. She said that all of her patients in this situation are very smart, driven, kids that tend to have Type A personalities. I hope that's a good thing. She also said that it's very rare for it to show up this early and that the earlier it shows up, the smarter the kid. Whatever the case may be, I am glad we caught it. Without glasses, MLP would need surgery to correct the damage that would eventually be caused. From now on I am going to dress him like Carlton from the Fresh Prince. Lots of argyle, sweater vests, and the like.

So today Danny decided he needs glasses too and he went on down to frame store to pick some out. How ridiculously sweet and tender is that?? I could have melted. I promise to post again after his pedi appt with all his new stats. One last thing...he has two teeth!!! My little monkey is growing up so fast.


Chad said...

Thanks for finally posting. Carlton from the Fresh Prince? Priceless. Can't wait to see little Miller in his specs. Oh, and Danny too.

maria said...

I think he needs printed rock concert t-shirts with a miniblazer and a spikey haircut... I must spend to much time with Architects. I can't wait to see the pictures.:)