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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Obviously, these are mine. MLP gets his in a few days and I promise to post pics as soon as he gets them. I'm scared he won't like them. I'm scared I picked the wrong color. I picked grey because they didn't have brown and the other colors were too circus-y. Bright blue, green, pink. Yeah, no. I can't worry about it. He's healthy, he's happy, we're good.

Today we had our 6/9 month checkup, although Miller is actually closer to 10 months. He's doing great! At 17lbs even and 25.5 inches, he's somewhere near the 50th percentile for his corrected age. Dr. Mirrop is encouraged by his development and of course, his social skills. He obviously gets this from his momma. He even said that at this point he does not even consider Miller to be 'delayed', and that he falls inside the spectrum of a full term 6-7 month old. This doesn't mean that he's leading the pack, but it is awesome to hear!! So we'll just keep on doing what we're doing, and tackle any issues if they arise.

We have also been released from house arrest! This is huge. We've been sneaking out a bit over the last couple of weeks, but only to safe places. So we'll be getting out more and more, especially when we hear that RSV season is officially over.

This has been by far, my best Valentine's Day ever. Nothing spectacular happened. No fireworks. No roses even. No set menu at a fancy restaurant. In fact, we had a frozen pizza for dinner! Right now, the world is just right. I think it's because we're so in love with the Miller Man and all that he's brought to our world. He's our Be-Fri. Our Funny Valentine.

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kristen said...

I love the new pictures!!! He is just the cutest thing...his smile just shines! :-)

:-) kristen and crew