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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yes, They Are Real!

I wonder how many millions of times I'll answer that question? Today it was less than 10. These pictures are from last night, Miller's first night with his hip new glasses. I couldn't resist the hat. It was just too cute. He's giving me 'the lip' here, which always makes me laugh. He's actually doing pretty well with his new specs. I am so proud of him! I, on the other hand, am already tired of them. He's teething so he always has his little paws in his mouth-which is an inch and a half from his glasses. Constant sliming of the specs ensues. They seem a tiny bit too big, but the others were too small and his head is growing steadily.

Today we ventured out to Le Garage Sale with Kristen. MLP did not want anything to do with his stroller, so Mama Kristen pushed it around while she power shopped. I carried Miller so he could flirt, and stare at all the new things he can see so much better now. He seems to be in awe of everything, which is cool to see. I'm proud of me too. I was brave enough to venture out immediately, so now I won't be a Nervous Nellie. It's going to be a challenge, but they are a blessing. They'll be impossible to keep clean. He's going to throw them. He's going to scratch them. He's going to lose them. In the end, as long as they keep him from having surgery or losing sight in one eye, they're worth it.


Anonymous said...

Danny & Stephanie - Bonnie Best here in metro Tyler, Texas.... I read this often, just don't reply... my brother Bryan was in glasses at 9 ms - numerous eye surgeries. He is now the deputy director of the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. I've worn glasses since age 8. Miller is obviously doing great... as a parent, I'm sure it's a shock and you think somewhat of a setback to put him in glasses - It is not. Anyway.. just wanted to let you know I'm often thinking about all of you. Glasses... schmasses.. big deal. Love reading this blog!

Anonymous said...

He makes glasses look gooood!!! How stinking precious!! I'm so happy for you and your family Stephanie!


Traci :)