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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Miller!!

One year ago today we brought Miller home from the hospital...10 weeks and 6 days after he was born. We were full of hope and fear, not much different than any other set of parents bringing a newborn home. We knew we would be forever changed, but we had no idea just how much would change for us just this year. It's been so much easier and so much harder than we could ever have imagined.

Just for fun, here are some recent videos for those who don't see Miller on a regular basis...

DP was feeding Miller and he got excited and gagged on his spoon. Miller was SO mad at us. Ok just Danny. But then I think I made him mad b/c I was laughing so hard at the face he made...he gave us 'the lip'.

Swimmin' on the 4th of July...I am fully aware that I have Blublockers on.

Miller's favorite big boy food is avocado. So today I decided to mash one up in my baby food mixer...and take a video of course!

Miller is FINALLY playing in his exersaucer. This video was taken about a month ago...he's trying to escape


Campbell & Emily's Mom said...

Miller's "lip" is hillarious!!! Love it!

Teri said...

Pencil me in, I need some more Miller time this week!

David and Audra McFadden said...

he is getting so big and as always so cute.