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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Miller continues to improve. They're challenging him, though. We were able to some Kangaroo Care today ( skin to skin with momma ) for about an hour. In order to do this, the nurses had to remove his CPAP. They replaced it with a cannula, which is about the closest you can get get to zero assistance.
With the cannula, he would have streches of grunting, an indication that he had to work a little harder to keep his airways open. After a bit, he would relax and breathe normally to the point where his breaths became a little too shallow. This would start the cycle of grunting again. It will probably take him awhile to make the adjustment, but we're still very encouraged by his progress.
The Kangaroo Care was awesome. Momma got to hold him real close for about an hour and it was a sight to behold.
We have a big test tomorrow. Miller gets his cranial ultrasound to determine if there is any bleeding in his little brain. We are optimistic, but as always, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.
Love, Danny and Stephanie

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