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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Well, today begins chapter 2 of our little story. Miller is doing just fine and momma got discharged from the hospital. It was a quite a chore loading up all of the flowers and gifts, but I have no doubt that the spirit in which they were given is what gives Miller his strength. Thank you so much for that.
Little Miller is off of the CPAP for the time being. The nurses replaced it with the cannula this morning at 10 AM. He's had to work a little harder for his breath and tends to get a little wiped out. He'll reach a comfortable rhythm and relax to the point where he forgets to breathe. This is called apnea, and he'll experience an episode every now and then. The good news is that his episodes are shorter with each occurrence so we hope that means he's figuring it out. If the extended cannula experience proves too be a little much for him, they'll back him down and resume CPAP treatment.
Miller also had a cranial ultrasound this morning. This will tell us if he's had any bleeding in and around his brain. All of the signs thus far point to a clear scan, but we won't know for sure until they read the pictures.
Momma's having a tough time...her message is below:
Hello Everyone,
I just want to thank you all for your unending support, love, and prayers. Danny & I have been so comforted by your amazing response to Miller's early arrival. I was released from the hospital this afternoon and am resting at home. Today has been quite a challenge and I am having a a little trouble but I know we have the strength to get through this time and be the best parents Miller could ever wish for! I consider his isolette his new womb and his nurses his surrogates. We are still planning to bring home a bouncing baby boy in July. The next few days may be tough since I am still raw with emotion from leaving our son in the hospital but we know he is in great hands and he will pull through this. Thank you all again for everything. Love to you all-
Danny & Stephanie

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