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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Please forgive the back to back updates. It must be therapeutic because I'm drawn to post whenever we have any news at all.
Today's little setback was a tough one. An Intraventricular Hemorrhage sounds really scary. However, we've learned that they are very common in pre-term babies and they are usually so slight that, if not for the brain scans, you would never know it happened at all. The baby's system will tend to reabsorb any IVH blood naturally over the first few weeks, just as the blood from a bruise would be reabsorbed by the body. Now, Miller's situation is a little more than slight. He's a grade 4, as opposed to a grade 1 or 2. But, all of his other signs continue to point in a very positive direction and that continues to bolster the prognosis that he'll pull through this just fine. He went back on the cannula tonight at 8 PM and, as of 9:30, he had yet to experience an episode of apnea. So, he's getting stronger and learning how to breathe more efficiently. We hope and pray that his IVH dissipates naturally and he experiences no lasting effects. This is a distinct possibility, and probably a likely one. Please keep the faith and keep sending us your thoughts and prayers!
Love, Danny and Stephanie

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