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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

And the rollercoaster rolls on...We showed up tonight for our 7:30 Kangaroo and the nurses told us they wanted to keep him on the CPAP for the rest of the night. So, no Kangaroo this evening. With all of his recent tests and increased meal portions, Miller's just a little pooped.
He's off his insulin drip, which is great, and his portions are up to 14 cc's.
If he continues to tolerate the increased portions, the nurses will begin fortifying his breastmilk with a few extra calories (breastmilk only has about 20 calories). It's time to fatten this kid up!

There's no more news on his scan, which we interpret as good news for now. There will be another scan on Friday to make sure things are still progressing in the right direction.

We have to temper the good news yesterday with the knowledge that he's still at significant risk for various developmental problems and cerebral palsy. In fact, as discussed in an earlier post, the doctors are well versed in worst case scenarios and they're quick to remind us of all of the possibilities. But, we're focusing on the positive side of the equation and we'll deal with any issues as they come.

While Kangarooing was not on the schedule tonight, we did get to spend a little quality time with him. Miller wears these teeny little diapers called 'wee-pees'. When we arrived tonight we went to change his wee pee and were pleasantly surprised with a stinker. Seconds later, momma was christened a real wee pee when Miller let out a squirt. A little bit of comic relief in the NICU...

We want each and every one of you to know how much your love, support, and prayers mean to us. This 'roller coaster' as they call it is frightening and exhausting. It helps to know that we don't have to face it alone.

Danny & Stephanie

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