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Sunday, May 6, 2007

It's Sunday night and tomorrow brings a new week and a new goal for Miller. We're aiming for 2 pounds 8 oz by next weekend. His milk tolerance has improved greatly and his feedings have doubled to 8 cc's every 3 hours. His glucose levels are stabilizing and his breathing continues to improve. Miller spends 12 hours a day on the CPAP and 12 hours on the nasal cannula. He's much happier on the cannula and he'll hopefully start spending the majority of his time on it soon.

Mom had a few really strong kangaroo sessions. We did it twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday and Miller loved it each time. He even "read" his first book, The Graves Family Goes Camping. We're also trying to create some associations for him. The nurses probably think we're crazy, but we've downloaded some "Miller Music". We bring in an ipod and drape the headphone's around mom's neck so Miller can hear the music while he rests on her chest. Maybe he'll associate the music with his mom and feel more comfortable in the crib when they let us put some speakers in there (i-crib).

Mom and Dad are in much better spirits. Friday was pretty emotional, but we're back on track. We can't wait to get back to the NICU to be with Miller. He's already done so much for our family and our friends, our love, and our faith. His momma calls him our "little mountain mover".
He's a very special little boy.

We are praying every day for the best outcome for Miller-as his momma says, "Healthy and whole, mind, body, and soul". The Lord says, "ask and you shall receive" and this is what we are asking for every single day.


Danny & Stephanie


Michelle Patterson said...

I went book shopping for Miller today at lunch and got him some great ones!! One of the books (Walter the Farting Dog) is hilarious and will make you laugh when you read it to him...I know the sound of your laughter will make his day!

Also, I just wanted to let you guys know that I can not get the sound of his itty bitty sneeze out of my head! He sneezed a few times when I was with him on Sat and I swear it is my new favorite sound! Love you all!

Tracee said...

Hey Miss Stephanie, This is Tracee, Ashley's little sister. I just wanted to tell you congratulations and my thoughts and prayers are with you, Danny and Miller Lee.
All our thoughts,
Tracee and Chris Keough