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Friday, May 11, 2007

No news is good news...we think. The doctors decided not to do the normal Friday ultrasound today. We're not sure why, but we're guessing it's because Miller's situation seems to show no exterior signs of regression at this point. There almost certainly an MRI in his future and the Friday ultrasounds will resume but, for now, we're taking comfort in the contentment of the docs.

He's up to 18 cc's of fortified breast milk and his filling up his wee pee's. This means that he is digesting well so they will continue to increase his feedings as long as he tolerates them. His little lungs seem to be working really well too. Our little man is getting a little bit stronger every day!

Miller was in the middle of a blood transfusion when we got to the NICU tonight. It's about a three hour procedure, so we missed out on the evening Kangaroo. But, with the infusion of all of the new red blood cells, chances are he'll be up for some good Kangarooing over the next few days. They take a lot of blood from him to check things like his glucose, blood gas, blood count...and on and on...

As always, we are so moved by all of your thoughts and prayers. Lookin' forward to the Walk.

Danny and Stephanie

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Campbell's Mom said...

The 10K (when you factor in where we parked) walk was great! It was really cool to see so many families out there supporting this cause and very inspiring to see so many NICU graduates. We definitely had the best t-shirt!

Happy Mother's Stephanie!!!