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Monday, May 28, 2007

Miller had a great Memorial Day weekend!
We don't want to jinx anything, but it looks like he's turning a corner on this whole breathing thing. He's still on the CPAP, but has been doing great since they reduced his air pressure a couple of days ago. He's been maxing out on his oxygen saturation all weekend too. Basically this means that he's breathing, and he's breathing deeply.

We didn't spend Memorial Day at the lake this year. However, we did get to give the Miller Bear a bath (video posted above) and it was the perfect way to spend our afternoon. It was our first time, so we were a little nervous but as with all things, practice makes perfect.

Dad got to kangaroo twice this weekend, so momma played paparazzi. She caught Miller showing his team spirit for the home team. Must be because his uncle Nick came by to visit him today (Nick is a senior at UT and plays baseball for the Horns). Looks like we have a Little Longhorn!

Miller's weight gain seems to be back on track. As of yesterday he weighed 3lbs., 4oz. Or in Beth's (his day primary nurse) words, he's huge! To ensure that his gain is steady, his nurses have asked that momma bring in only hindmilk for now-which they are continuing to fortify with a few extra calories as well. Hindmilk has the highest concentration of fat and is released after several minutes of nursing/pumping.

We hope you all had a nice relaxing holiday weekend. Thanks for checking in on our little guy! We cannot thank you all enough for your ongoing support and prayers. Keep those prayers coming-they are so powerful!

Danny & Stephanie


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the bathtime - we just loved it :)
We are glad that hopefully the worst is over, and he continues to make leaps and bounds with every posting! We love you all!
Didi & Tony

Kristin said...

Oh that little bath was so precious!! Keep the video coming!
Much love to all of you,

Aunt Kristin

kristen said...

That was the cutest video!!! I love it - he is not at all sure that yall know what you are doing and I know how that feels...Elle still looks at me that way! :-)Most of the time she is right. :-) You two are the best parents and that really brightened my day. I can't wait to meet him!

Love, Kristen, Josh and Elle

Anonymous said...

What a little wiggle worm!! Thanks for the video..

Anonymous said...

was there a snake in that tub, also? Great video, bra. He is lookin bigger!

Teri said...

He's getting so big! What a pumpkin. We loved the video, thanks for sending.
Teri and JD