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Saturday, June 2, 2007

MRI Results

Dr. George called about 15 minutes ago to share his interpretation of Miller's MRI results. Here's what he found:
1. There is no sign of a structural abnormality.
2. There is no sign of a tumor.
3. He also said there was no sign of Hydrocephalus and the chance of him developing that condition was small.
It is still not clear what caused the bleed in the first place (probably just plain prematurity), but the significant news is that we've been able to rule out the issues that would require some form of intervention (spinal tap, shunt, surgery, etc).
For now, Dr. George says Miller will follow a normal clinical path for a baby his size. We'll continue the Friday ultrasounds (like many of the babies). There's currently no cause to prescribe another MRI. In Dr. George's words, "it looks like a one shot deal". There was a bleed, and of course, some level of injury. But we're hoping that Miller can put it behind him and go forward from here.
Should something unexpected develop, we should be able to see it on the ultrasound and Dr. George will address it at that time. But for now, Miller's job is to keep eating, growing, breathing, and kangarooing.
What the future holds for Miller is still uncertain, and will be for many, many months. As mentioned above, we cannot undo the fact that there was indeed a grade IV bleed and the possible challenges that are associated with it. What we do know is that much of Miller's progress depends on his care, and we have that covered. Much of it will depend on his will (all Peoples kids are stubborn as an ox) and we think we have that covered. The rest of it will depend on faith and prayer. With all of of your help, we believe we have that covered too.
Continued thanks to each and every one of you for keeping Miller in your daily prayers, adding him to your church prayer lists, and for checking in on his parents!
Love to you all,
Danny & Stephanie


kristen said...

This is wonderful news! We will keep the prayers coming and I am so happy that the tests did not highlight anything major and that he got through them AOK. MRIs are no fun no matter how old you are. We were just talking about Little Miller tonight - he is such a trooper and I am sure he is an inspiration for his other friends in the NICU.

:-) Kristen, Josh and Elle

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work guys. He's come this far b/c of the love and attention he is getting from you....and the few hundreds of prayers he's getting from all those that already love him at only a month and a half old!!! The Vasquez clan is still praying for little Miller everyday.

Anonymous said...

Great News! We can only imagine how difficult all of these decisions are for you to make, we are so glad that the MRI is over and was a sucess! Our thoughts, prayers, and hearts are continuously with you :)
Didi & Tony

Kristin said...

Great news!! What an encouraging update! We will keep the love and prayers coming!

Billy & Kristin Calderwood

PS - Loved the binky video... did you know that some of those hospital binky's are vanilla flavored?!! No wonder babies suckle them so hard!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Great News and Way to go Miller! Each day Miller is making progress and I have faith that he will overcome all the obstacles he faces! Can't wait to meet hima and see you guys! Love to you all...