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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Miller was big enough for his first chest x-ray today. A byproduct of the oxygen delivered by the CPAP and cannula is moisture. As we all know, moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and we have to keep a close eye on Miller's lungs. Fortunately, his chest x-ray results gave no indication of abnormality and the doctors have reduced his air pressure. This means he will work a little harder to get his breaths and oxygenate his blood, but it's important for his development.

He also had his regular cranial ultrasound on Friday. We still haven't heard anything from the doctors all day and assume it is because there is nothing significant to report. We've left instructions with the NICU that all meaningful ultrasound results are to be delivered by Dr. George, the pediatric neurosurgeon. We have yet to speak to Dr. George, so the scan must not have revealed anything that we need to be immediately concerned about.

For right now, Miller is doing everything we are asking him to do. He's tolerating his meals, reacting to stimulation, kangarooing like a champ, and breathing normally for this stage of his development. There are a million things that could trip him up, but we're hopeful that he continues his progress.

There was one thing that caught our attention this morning. An article in the Statesman related a story about a nurse in the Seton mother-baby unit that possibly contracted whooping cough. She works on the 2nd floor ( the NICU is on 8 ) and the article identified the time period between May 5th and last Friday as the time when she could have interacted with newborns and their parents. She's not a NICU nurse, but it's possible she's been in contact with NICU nurses. As a result, there are about 7 second floor nurses on leave (and on antibiotics just in case). It's a little scary, but the NICU is confident that the 8th floor was not compromised.
It's something we'll continue to monitor.

Miller got some daddy time this morning. He had a relaxing snooze on his daddy's chest. Mom likes to sing, but Dad can't carry a tune in a bucket. So, Dad just likes to tell him stories about his great grampaw Lee (his namesake). Miller learned about all of the vegetables in his great grampaw's gardens today. Who knows...Miller may grow up with a green thumb, too!

As always, thanks so much for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Danny & Stephanie

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