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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Miller's a pro Kangaroo-er. Mom had another strong, two session day with him on Wednesday. He's up to 2 pounds, eleven ounces so he's still on the weight gain train. The nurses have increased his milk volume to 25 cc's every three hours.

Miller started having a little reflux. It's the acid kind that you see commercials about. Reflux is very common in pre-terms because the muscles near the bottom of the esophagus are not fully developed. These are the muscles that "squeeze" intermittently to help keep stomach liquids from creeping back up and causing the baby to spit up. To combat this, the nurses are using a pump to give him his milk. Previously, Miller would receive his meals "gravitationally" through a feeding tube. They'd hang a batch of milk from the top of his crib and it would gradually empty into his stomach. Now, they're using a pump ( like you'd use for an IV ) to regulate how fast his food gets delivered. He'll still spit up a little bit from time to time, but he's still on track with his feedings.

Dr. George, the Neurosurgeon, is expected in the NICU in the next couple of days and he'll perform an evaluation on Miller. It probably won't tell us much, but it will give mom and dad some needed face time with the expert.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers. Our little guy is hanging in there.

Danny & Stephanie

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