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Monday, May 14, 2007

So we don't really have much to report today which is just fine wth us. Miller had a good day with two kangaroos that lasted over an hour each. His color is really good and he's very alert...probably something to do with his blood transfusion from the other day. His digestive system is really starting to work and we're getting stinkers a couple of times a day now. Who would have thought we'd be getting so excited over some seriously stinky diapers? Dad missed out on the visits today because he wasn't feeling 100%. We're just not taking any chances.

Today we got lucky with the dream team. We have a few nurses that we are partial to and most of them were there today at some point. The level of care he receives at Seton is amazing, but it is even superceded on days when he has certain nurses. This is one of the main reasons we are able to sleep at night. We hope we don't drive them crazy with the little game of 20 (million) questions we like to play.

Mom and Dad are doing well too. We are starting to adjust to the NICU lifestyle, planning everything around visiting hours and pumping. For now, this is our new normal.

With the move, we may not be able to post for the next day or two. But if anything noteworthy happens, we will find a way.

Sweet Dreams

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