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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Miller had a great weekend. We all did.
On Saturday we had our first March of Dimes WalkAmerica event. It was cool to see so many NICU grads and their parents with their own special team shirts. None were as great as ours of course (thanks Grampaw Peoples and Uncle JP!). We wouldn't recommend the DJ for your wedding, but you could say some of the song selections were, umm, entertaining (We Built This City, Eye of the Tiger, Rumpshaker, to name a few). We were mostly moved by the team Aunt Michelle put together and the participation/sponsorship of so many of our friends and family in such a short time. Our team goal was more than doubled (over $2000.00)...way to go Team Miller Lee! A great big THANK YOU to all who participated.

As you may have begun to notice, in the NICU everything has a domino effect. This weekend it worked in our favor. Miller's PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) was removed on Saturday. This is the IV that was threaded into an artery for long-term venous access. For Miller it was used to deliver nutrients and fat (respectively referred to as 'baby gatorade' & 'fried chicken') to sustain him, in addition to insulin. Now that he's beyond 21 cc's of momma's milk every 3 hours (today he was up to 24), he no longer needs the baby gatorade or the fried chicken. This also means he no longer needs insulin either since it was used to balance out the glucose in the baby gatorade. What a wonderful Mother's Day be able to sustain our sweet little one on momma's milk...with a few extra calories added of course! Another benefit to the removal of the PICC line is dodging CRBSI-catheter related bloodstream infections. This is a major concern when dealing with PICC's.

Momma also had her baby shower on Saturday. She was nervous that she'd be emotional since normally baby showers are held before the baby comes. But after almost three weeks since the Miller Bear surprised us with his arrival, it was definitely time to step out and visit with some of her nearest and dearest. The party was beautiful, but she came home feeling showered with much more than gifts...

Today Miller is three weeks old. In this short time we have already reached so many milestones and taken a trip or two around the track of that awful roller coaster they refer to in the NICU. We know we have a long way to go, but we are really learning to slow down and appreciate the little things. Last night, after a nice long kangaroo session, Miller finally found a way to shove all of his fingers into his mouth and chomp away. This may not seem like a big deal, but he's been trying to do this since he was born (and the nurses told us he was not trying to do this...ha!).

We hope all the momma's had a wonderful Mother's Day!

All our love,

Danny & Stephanie


Kay said...

I couldn't but not help think about you over the weekend and especially yesterday. I'm sure it will be a Mother's Day you all will never forget. Keep up the good work Miller, your doing great! Hang in there mom & dad.

billy said...

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to add my prayers to yours and leave a message for Miller.

Miller, this is your uncle Billy. I am married to your Mom's sister Kristin. I have been following your blog ever since your mom and dad got it up. You are a fighter and so many people are proud of what you have accomplished in your first three weeks! Like many others, I am praying for you to continue growing strong and to continue to amaze everyone around you with your progress! I'm praying for you, along with so many others who love you, and I look forward to hearing about all you will accomplish!

katdawg said...

Just getting caught up on my Miller times today. It was so great to see Stephanie this weekend, looking absolutely ravishing! Motherhood looks very good on you girl! Keeping you guys constantly in my thought and prayers. I love you all and can't wait to see Miller.